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Surfing Tourism in Costa Rica

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chiva surfing from David Karr on Vimeo.

Long considered to be one of the top surfing destinations in Central America, it is easy for some of us to forget that many still have not discovered Costa Rica’s popular surfing waves. As Costa Rica tourism continues to grow, surfing is proving to be one of the biggest draws for travelers. The Costa Rica National Surf Team’s recent success has helped in promoting the country internationally, while the World Surf Championship games held in Jaco last year brought a lot of attention and interest to the Jaco area. “We’ve seen an increase of clients who are coming to us to specifically arrange surf packages that bring them to areas around Costa Rica that have the best waves,” said Trevor Bernard, General Manager of Costa Rica Vacations. “After all, with the last statistics from ICT showing that over 250,000 surfers a year come to Costa Rica, we have learned that they stay an average of 17 nights spending over $120 per day. That adds up to about $510 million.”

Jaco is currently seeing many improvements and positive changes, but its important to never forget who we are, a sleepy surf town. While Jaco remains one of the more popular surf beaches in Costa Rica, neighboring Hermosa is clearly the destination for the serious surfer, while nearby beaches in Agujas, Esterillos, Escondido all provide a nice variety of waves to make the Central Pacific the ideal spot for surfing vacations. If you are ready to make a visit to Jaco be sure to check with us for the best rates on Jaco vacation rentals, or better yet, maybe it is time to buy real estate in Jaco.

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