Jaco Businesses Investing in Infrastructure and Improvements

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Jaco Commercial Improvements

Walk up and down the busy street of Pastor Diaz, (the main street in Jaco) and you will see a flurry of workers on nearly every block. Recently the Jaco municipality created a special incentive for local businesses to improve the sidewalks in front of their storefronts. Stretches which might have featured broken or weathered pavement are now being replaced with pavers. Many businesses and commercial property owners are not stopping there either. Over the past couple years there has been a strong investment in remodels and new building on the main drag and there are no signs of that slowing down. Storefronts are being made over with fresh, hip and modern looks. The largest grocery store in town remodeled last year and more businesses are continuing to invest into improvements. Naturally all these changes are providing a welcome facelift for the town and attracting more tourists as well as many investors. One of the golden rules of Costa Rica real estate is to follow the infrastructure. With beachfront condos for sale as low as $194,000, now is an excellent time to purchase in Jaco, if you are considering purchasing property in the Jaco area encourage you to contact me to assist more.
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