A New Era for Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Remember when the thought of renting a home or condo in Costa Rica was adventurous and unique? Go back 10-15 years ago and it was pretty uncommon for travelers to seek out a private property to rent out for their vacation, most instead sought out hotels and resorts, but that time has definitely changed.  Lead […]

jaco oceanview condo for sale

Looking for Ocean View Property in Costa Rica? Here it is

Let’s be clear, Jaco Beach is one of the most unique places where you can own FEE SIMPLE TITLED beachfront property in Costa Rica.  I’m talking right on the sand beachfront people!  Not many of those opportunities in Costa Rica exist.  Add, the fact that Jaco is one of the few places where building higher […]

jaco art mural

Jaco Welcomes Local Art Scene

Many in the Jaco Beach community have made a concentrated effort the past couple years to help bring more art and creativity to the area.  Since Jaco at its core is a small surfing town it appears a little local street art is fitting in perfectly and is starting to give Jaco a more inviting […]


Costa Rica Beach Condo For Sale

Most of those seeking property in Costa Rica are drawn to our warm, tropical climate, where you can spend out time outdoors 365 days a year.  Often one of the most desired requests I receive from clients is for a property with lots of outdoor space.  With our beautiful, warm weather many want to spend […]

Costa Rica Rental

Should I Rent My Costa Rica Property Out My Own or Use An Agency?

Should I Rent My Costa Rica Property Out My Own or Use An Agency?   Congratulations, you just purchased your perfect property in Costa Rica.  Now that you have been through the entire sales process, its time to decide if you are going to rent out your property on your own or if you are […]

Costa Rica Living

Living Healthier in Costa Rica

  One comment that I often receive from those who visit Jaco Costa Rica is that they feel healthier when they are here.  I think there are a number of factors that contribute to that feeling, but have no doubt that the number one reason people feel healthier is because they EAT healthier.  The Costa […]

Costa del Sol in Playa Bejuco

Costa del Sol in Playa Bejuco

Costa del Sol in Playa Bejuco is one of our favorite properties in Esterillos.  Costa del Sol is a gated community of single family homes.  Each home is individually titled and are just a short 300 yard walk to the beautiful beach of Playa Bejuco.  Bejuco is the neighboring beach to Esterillos and is a […]

Hot Deals and News for October

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Esterillos Beach

Esterillos, The Hidden Gem of Costa Rica

The Central Pacific region of Costa Rica is one of the most visited and popular areas in Costa Rica, but unfortunately many people fail to explore areas other than Jaco Beach and the Los Suenos Resort. While Jaco is clearly the hub of the Central Pacific and the primary focus of the regions marketing, there […]

ISA World Games in Jaco

ISA World Games Kick off in Jaco Beach

What a great start for the ISA World Games in Jaco Costa Rica.  The Costa Rica National Team and defending World Champions started strong, with their first 4 surfers all winning their respective heats on Day 1.  It was an excellent turnout and overall Jaco looked very impressive with their organization and planning of the […]